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Extreme Bender Boarders

Rev back for extreme twists and turns!


Rev back the motor, let go and watch the Extreme Bender Boarders carve big arcs and tight spins. Since they have magnets in their hands and feet, the boarders can be positioned at the tipping point or near the rear of their metal board. Each Extreme Bender Boarder comes with his own board (boogie, skate or surf) and packed inside a bottle-shaped container.

Extreme Bender Boarders: Boogie Boarder, Skateboarder, Surfboarder


Extreme Bender Boarders Play Sets/Ramps

Portable Play Sets/Ramps with Adjustable Angles.


Let your Extreme Bender Boarder ride super-sized waves, skateboard parks and snow parks. Adjustable Angle Play Sets/Ramps come with one Extreme Bender Boarder with motorized board. The flexible ramps snap together and they are portable so you can take them anywhere. You control the ramps angle -- steep, shallow or somewhere in between. The lightweight Extreme Bender Boarders have magnets in their hands and feet so they stick to their metal boards well. Adjust their center of gravity and they'll do radical twists, turns, jumps and splits!

Extreme Bender Boarders Play Sets/Ramps: Skateboarder, Snowboarder, Surfboarder


Joe Bender branded toys are registered trademarks of Hog Wild, LLC.


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