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Monkey Benders

Let's Monkey Around!


Four individual Monkey Benders. Each come packed inside their own coconut-shaped tin.

Coconut Tin Monkey Benders: Leo, Roco, Tito, Max


Coconut Tin Monkey Benders


Let's Monkey Around Two!


Four acrobatic Monkey Benders all packed together inside their own banana-shaped tin.

Banana Tin Monkey Benders: Bonzo, George, Jane, Kongo


Banana Tin Monkey Benders


Poseable Monkey Bender Fighter Pilots.


Monkey Benders have taken to the sky in two retro styled airplanes - choose red or blue. Each plane comes packed with a Monkey Bender fighter pilot. Planes have eyelet holes on their wings for hanging from . . . wherever!

Flying Ace Monkey Benders: Blue Flying Ace, Red Flying Ace


Flying Ace Monkey Benders


Primates with a need for speed . . . Formula fun racing!


They're rev'd up and ready to go! Both Hot Rod race cars come with a detachable steering wheel and a Monkey Bender wearing race helmet. After they are done with their laps, just add the plug and store safely.

Hot Rod Monkey Benders: Yellow/Blue Hot Rod, Yellow/Red Hot Rod


Hot Rod Monkey Benders


All Wound Up and Ready for Speed!


There's something powerful under the hood of the Monkey Bender race cars. It's a fiery pull back motor. Simply drag back the race car to wind up the motor and let it go. Both race cars come with a Monkey Bender wearing a race helmet and a detachable steering wheel.

Motorized Hot Rod Monkey Benders: Purple "Jungle Juice" Hot Rod, Green "Mt. Dew" Hot Rod


Motorized Hot Rod Monkey Benders


Boldly go where no Monkey Bender has gone before!


Three Monkey Benders with space helmets and official uniforms live in their tin rocket ship. Simply pop open the hatch and let your Space Monkey Benders explore their universe.


Space Monkey Benders


Step Aside, King Kong!


This telescopic building "pops up" from 4.5-inches to a final height of 12.5-inches. Included are four Monkey Benders (Joey, Rudy, Cocoa, and Anna) that can climb the building with their magnetic hands and feet. The structure is meant to resemble one of New York City's most famous buildings -- the Empire State Building.


PopUp Building with Monkey Benders


Joe Bender branded toys are registered trademarks of Hog Wild, LLC.


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